Waldmann task lights & magnifiers

Waldmann is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of task lighting, and the only company with luminaries for virtually every type of workplace. Over 100 standard models and over 2000 special versions are available. Waldmann’s magnification series offers top quality German engineered magnifiers for product inspections, quality control, medical examinations and SPA/ Salon applications. Our magnifiers are designed for daily us with precise functionality and performance.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between diopter and magnification factor?

The diopter (dpt) refers to  the refractive  power of a lens. The magnification factor is the degree by which the viewed object is magnified.

Magnification factor (x) = Diopter of lens: 4 + 1

When do you need toughened glass?

Waldmann generally uses glass with a thickness of 4 mm as standard to ensure high impact strength and resistance. The glass can withstand even the strongest flying chips without scratching. However, if the glass does break, it shatters into small pieces to ensure a high degree of safety.

How many hours does the LED service life last?

The service  life specification is generally qualified with two values: L70 / B50. Waldmann luminaires achieve an LED service life of 50,000 hours if the specified maximum ambient temperature is observed. After this time, the luminous flux of 50% of the LEDs (B50) is 70% (L70) of the original value.

What is colour temperature?

The colour temperature, measured in Kelvin, represents the colour impression of a light source.

  • Warm white <3,300 K
  • Neutral white 3,300 – 5,000 K
  • Daylight white / cool white > 5,000 k 
What is the function of the visualizer / segment switching option?

The Visualizer function allows the separate switching of light segments in scenarios. This brings forth texture emphasizing effects that make it easy to detect even the tiniest of faults, such as cracks or differences in the surface texture.